Training Workshops

The core mission of the National Clay Pipe Institute is research and education. All workshops presented are based on experience and qualify for Professional Development Hours (PDH).

All of our workshops are customized to meet the needs of your team and help them address current challenges. Work with one of our member companies to tailor topics and serve the interests of your group. 

NCPI’s workshops are presented at no cost to you and are available for online or in-person presentations.

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Training Workshop Module Outlines

From initial design through long-term maintenance, make sure your whole team understands all of the implications of sanitary sewer pipe material selection.


Pipe Manufacturing & Factory Testing

Gain a clear view of pipe properties and factory testing as specified in ASTM standards. This information forms the basis for an understanding of the differences in design, installation, operations and maintenance when VCP (Vitrified Clay Pipe) is used.

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Materials Comparisons for Gravity Sanitary Sewer Pipe

The material properties of VCP provide different options for engineers, contractors and maintenance professionals. Gain an understanding of the differences and build confidence in realizing the benefits provided by VCP in your system.


Trench Design, Bedding Classes and Safety Factors

Do you (or your designers) understand why a narrow trench is better when installing VCP? How and when are various bedding classes used? What are the limitations of pipe alignment and slope? Discuss these issues and more with a qualified professional as part of this workshop.

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Installation & Inspection

This workshop is highly recommended for any crew that has not installed or inspected VCP in the past. It is a good refresher course for inspectors or experienced crews. Engineers also need to understand the high points here. As more municipalities realize the benefits of VCP, installation & inspection is becoming an increasingly popular workshop.


Trenchless Installation with VCP Jacking Pipe

For some challenges, trenchless installation with VCP-J (Vitrified Clay Jacking Pipe) may actually be the economical option. Sometimes trenchless installation is specified to minimize disruption of a community’s important commercial corridor. No matter the reasons for considering it in your community, find out more about the pipe, the process, the methods that are viable in your area and what makes a successful installation.


Operations & Maintenance

The job isn’t done when the project is accepted.  For VCP installations (expected to serve a community for well-over 100-years) it can be said it is actually just the beginning.  Why is VCP acknowledged as the best option for long-term maintenance?  What long-term benefits can maintenance departments realize when VCP is installed?

This workshop has a special Field Training component (when requested).  An experienced professional will guide your crew(s) through operations and techniques for: Hydro-Jet Nozzles (including evaluation of pressures and flows, jet types and angle comparisons), mechanical cleaning and roots, grease and debris removal.


Analyzing CCTV Inspection of Vitrified Clay Pipe

Avoid unnecessary dig-ups! Learn how CCTV Inspection of VCP differs from inspection of PVC. CCTV Inspection of pipelines continues to gain acceptance as a means of investigating the condition of all types of buried assets. The improving quality of video images makes this an important tool for both acceptance testing and inspection of pipelines that have been in service for several years. Understanding the differences between pipe materials, their construction and joints is critically important for assessing pipeline conditions.