Operations & Maintenance
of VCP Lines

No sewer pipe material lasts longer than VCP.
Experienced sewer professionals know the service life of any system is only as good as its maintenance.

Proper sewer cleaning is vital to reducing costly Sanitary Sewer overflows (SSOs) and extending the usable life of a sewer system.


Four Keys to Effective Sewer Cleaning:

Select Cleaning Tools Appropriate for Various Pipe Materials

Technological advances in sewer tools have increased the ability of sewer professionals to clean VCP more efficiently. Many tools in today’s marketplace are damaging to other pipe materials.

Why a Centralizer Matters

A centralizer is operationally safer, it saves water, protects the tool, and increases cleaning efficiency by nearly 75%.

Consistent and Effective SOPs Reduce SSOs

Utilization of an SOP also ensures consistency in cleaning which is particularly important when managing crew schedules and frequency of cleaning for each pipeline.

Proactive Maintenance vs. the Cost of Repairs

A proactive sewer maintenance program is a proven cost saving venture when compared to a reactive maintenance program. Proactive programs reduce emergency construction costs as well as reducing SSOs and governmental liabilities.

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