Changing the Plan and Staying on Budget
Steve Matheny

Pilot Tube and Vitrified Clay Jacking Pipe Lowest Cost, Best Option for Clinton Township, MI 
The Pilot Tube Method Preferred in Urban Core
Trenchless Technology

Trenchless installation with Pilot Tube Method provides a powerful solution for active, urban cores. 
Modern Pipe with an Ancient Heritage
Trenchless Technology

National Clay Pipe Institute Marks 100th Anniversary Amidst Resurgence 
The Dollars (and Sense) of Sanitary Sewer Pipe Material
Trenchless Technology

Would you specify a sanitary sewer pipe that will rust, corrode, shrink, elongate, bend, deflect, erode, oxidize or deteriorate over time? 
When Fair Competition Isn't...Fair or Competition
Water Finance & Management

Why would an industry advocate price-only legislation for engineering projects? The greatest long-term ROI favors consideration of all material properties. 

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