The NEW Chapter 12, NCPI Engineering Manual

New Chapter on Operations and Maintenance of VCP lines 
Tips for Laying VCP

A brochure for tips on laying VCP with English and Spanish translations. 
Low Pressure Air Test Booklet

Procedures and Tables Based on ASTM C828: Standard Test Method for Low-Pressure Air Test of Vitrified Clay Pipe Lines 
Importance of Haunching
Jeff Boschert, P.E., MASCE and Amster Howard, MASCE

Presented at ASCE Pipelines, 2014 - Testing on bedding practices that don’t include haunching reveal voids and call the assumption of uniform haunch support into question. 
CLSM as a Pipe Bedding
Jeff Boschert, P.E. and John Butler

Presented at ASCE Pipelines, 2013 - CLSM as a structural bedding material for VCP. Optimal mixes, methodologies and resultant safety factors are discussed. 

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