NCPI Introduces Operations & Maintenance Handbook

NCPI recently completed and published an Operations & Maintenance Handbook. One of the features of this handbook is a guide to the use of aggressive cleaning techniques to reduce SSOs (Sanitary Sewer Overflows). 
How 2 Reduce SSOs Through Aggressive Cleaning
Kent Carlson

Aggressive cleaning techniques applied within the structure of an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), are proven to significantly reduce SSOs, restore the designed operational capacity, reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life of the entire system. 
GBM Ortiz Mission Bay Three Pass


San Diego based contractor Ortiz Corporation, chooses trenchless sewer installation using Akkerman Guided Boring Equipment and No-Dig Pipe to help overcome difficult soils and high traffic install 
How to Select the Proper Nozzle
Stone Age Tools & Kent Carlson

There are several variable to consider when selecting a jetting tool, or nozzle for a pipe cleaning job. 
The Rediscovery of Vitrified Clay Pipe
Jeff Boschert

Municipalities across the country are rediscovering the value of the material properties of VCP. 

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