Pipe Materials: Least Cost or Best Value?
Water Utility Infrastructure Management, December, 2014

The city of Tyler, TX evaluates the long-term, best value for the community as part of their bidding process. 
Pipe Bursting with NO-DIG Vitrified Clay Jacking Pipe
Trenchless Technology, April, 2014

Tremendous population growth in Phoenix, AZ leads to a need for larger diameter pipe. 
Beating CSOs in Seatown
Municipal Sewer & Water, January, 2014

Seattle has negotiated a unique consent decree that allows it to target stormwater runoff project ahead of CSOs and SSOs. 
Past as Prologue
Water Utility Infrastructure Management, January/February, 2011

After years of using a variety of other pipe materials, the City of Portland, OR is revisiting VCP. 

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