Sanitary Pipeline Pilot Project After 42-Years of Service in Lima Ohio
Jeff Boschert, Brian Browne, Kent Carlson, Steven Kayatin

The Vernon Heights Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) gravity sanitary sewer was constructed in 1976 for Allen County, Lima, Ohio. This installation was a trial of PVC (SDR 35) as a new material in the system. Fourteen sanitary sewer lines of eight-inch pipe were installed using the material. As a trial, these flexible pipes have been inspected and documented four times over their forty two years of service. 
The NEW Chapter 12, NCPI Engineering Manual

New Chapter on Operations and Maintenance of VCP lines 
Tips for Laying VCP

A brochure for tips on laying VCP with English and Spanish translations. 
Low Pressure Air Test Booklet

Procedures and Tables Based on ASTM C828: Standard Test Method for Low-Pressure Air Test of Vitrified Clay Pipe Lines 
Importance of Haunching
Jeff Boschert, P.E., MASCE and Amster Howard, MASCE

Presented at ASCE Pipelines, 2014 - Testing on bedding practices that don’t include haunching reveal voids and call the assumption of uniform haunch support into question. 

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