National Clay Pipe Institute



Vitrified Clay Pipe is the most sustainable pipe available for wastewater systems. With the longest service  life available, environmentally friendly, natural materials and regional production facilities clay pipe is enjoying renewed interest among civil engineers employing asset management principals.

The Engineering Manual and all the elements of the NCPI Toolbox are just the beginning.  As the technical representative of clay pipe manufacturers around
the country, NCPI offers design assistance, training and consultation to civil engineers.
To request a presentation or to discuss specific challenges facing your system, please contact us at 262/742-2904.

Clay pipe is the most environmentally friendly material that can be used in the construction of a sewer system.Photos/smart-logo.jpg The long life, durability and excellent chemical resistance make it the best material for the construction of such a vital component of a municipality's infrastructure. When Sustainability is a consideration in the choice of materials, Clay will always come out on top.



Click on the link for the NCPI VCP Health Product Declaration (HPD).  

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