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Clay - The Permanent Solution

NCPI Training Workshops



From initial design through long-term maintenance, make sure your whole team understands all of the implications of sanitary sewer pipe material selection.


The core mission of the National Clay Pipe Institute is research and education.  All of our workshops are based on extensive research, qualify for Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and are provided at no charge.

Sample Workshop Outlines

For information about purchasing pipe, please contact one of our member companies.

Gravity Sanitary Sewer Pipe Material Comparison

  • Structural Properties
  • Material Sustainability & Service Life
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Field Acceptance Testing
  • Sewer Maintenance
  • Jointing Systems
  • Environmental Impacts

Operations, Maintenance and Field Training

Gravity Sanitary Sewer Maintenance

  • Mechanical Cleaning Methods
    • Rodding Machines
    • Bucketing
  • Hydraulic Cleaning Methods
    • Hydraulic Root Saw
    • Grinding
  • Hydro-Jet Cleaning Methods
    • Static Nozzle Types
    • Rotating Nozzle Types
    • Jet Angle Configuration
    • Jet Pressures
  • NOM (Nozzle Orientation Management)
  • Mineral Deposit & Root Removal Techniques
  • Aggressive Cleaning = SSO Reduction
  • EPA / CMOM Compliance

Hands-On / Field Training of Classroom Concepts

  • Hydro-Jet Nozzle Operations / Techniques
  • Mechanical Cleaning Operations / Techniques
  • Evaluation of Pressures and Flows When Applied to Nozzles
  • Jet Types and Jet Angle Comparisons
  • Root, Grease, Debris Removal Techniques

Trenchless Technologies

Pilot Tube Method (PTM) of Guided Boring

  • Method of Installation
  • Applicable Soil Types
  • Completed Project Case Studies


Static Pipe Bursting

  • Method of Installation
  • Upsizing of Existing Pipelines
  • Completed Project Case Studies


Slurry Microtunneling

  • Method of Installation
  • Applicable Soil Types
  • Completed Project Case Studies


Vitrified Clay Jacking Pipe

  • Mining of Materials, Blending, Extrusion, Kiln Firing and Jointing
  • Precision Machining of the Pipe Ends
  • Axial Loading and Design Safety Factors
  • Factory Inspection & Pipe Tolerances
  • Bearing Strength, Joint & Chemical Testing


Installation & Inspection

  • Pipe Inspection Upon Delivery
  • Foundation
  • Bedding Materials (granular aggregates, flowable fill (CLSM) and concrete)
  • Haunching / Shovel Slicing
  • Bell Holes
  • Pipe Joining
  • Backfill and Compaction
  • Manhole / Structure Connections
  • Repairs and Tapping
  • Field Acceptance Testing
    • Low-Pressure Air Test
    • CCTV

Manufacturing & Factory Testing

Buried Ridge Pipe Trench Design

  • Mining of Materials, Blending, Extrusion, and Kiln Firing
  • Jointing & Types of Joints Available
  • Factory Inspection & Pipe Tolerances
  • Bearing Strength, Joint & Chemical Testing
  • Computing Predicted Earth and Live Loads on Buried Pipe
  • Trench Width
  • Bedding Classes, Load Factors & Design Factor of Safety
  • Pipe Alignment & Slope

All of our workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your team and help them address the challenges they are currently facing.

Find Out More

Work with our representatives to tailor the topic(s) to serve the interests of your group. Contact one of our member companies or our office at 262-742-2904 or to schedule an educational presentation.

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