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NCPI Toolbox


NCPI Toolbox is a group of three NCPI-developed programs that provide engineers tools for calculating Trench Load, Hydraulic Flow and Leastcost. The programs contained in the Toolbox are designed to solve many of the design problems associated with sanitary sewer lines. For additional information or clarification, please contact your NCPI field representative or a member company.

NCPI Toolbox 2016 is compatible with mobile phones and tablets.  This ensures availability in the field as well as at the office!  There is nothing to download or install, simply run in any JavaScript enabled browser any time, anywhere!

Trench Load is a design program incorporating Marston's equations for soil loads on rigid conduits and the latest ASTM requirements.

Hyflow utilizes Manning's open channel flow equations to determine hydraulic solutions.

By entering the desired flow rate and slope, the recommended pipe diameter with depth of flow is instantly displayed.

Leastcost uses historic inflation and interest rates together with life cycle analysis to provide an equitable cost comparison between various materials options over the service life of an installation.

To comment on these tools, discuss your results or ask questions, please call 262-742-2904 or email.

Soils and Bedding

Uniform Soils Table

Bedding Classes

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