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Magazine articles published in trade publications on topics that range from Asset Management to Trenchless Technology.  This page will change on a regular basis.  Check back to see new articles.

Pipe Materials: Least Cost or Best Value

In the City of Tyler, TX, a recently completed sanitary sewer project illustrates the water utility's desire for both quality and value.

A Pipe for Every Project

Choosing the right materials requires an understanding of conditions and the strengths and weaknesses of each material

Pipe Bursting with No-Dig VCP Jacking Pipe

Phoenix project represents one of the most significant uses of the static pipe bursting method with new replacement VCP jacking pipe.

A Positive Outlook for the Clay Pipe Industry

A historical view that the clay pipe industry is an alternative method.

Beating CSOs in Seatown

Seattle as negotiated a unique consent decree that allows it to target storm water runoff projects ahead of CSOs and SSOs.

Mission Clay Products Thrives in the Trenchless Market

Mission Clay Products has the staying power of the clay product it makes

Thinking Outside the Box - Clay Pipe Used in Connecticut Sliplining Project

Sliplining with Vitrified Clay Pipe in Connecticut

Being Smart About Being Green

As more municipalities mandate environmental purchasing policies, how are managers to distinguish between brazen greenwashing and the legitimate claims of environmentally responsible manufacturers? O...

The Evolution of Pilot Tube Microtunneling in the United States

A Technical Forum on Pilot Tube Microtunneling (PTMT)

National Clay Pipe Institute Assists with Calcium Deposit Research

The National Clay Pipe Institute (NCPI) was recently called upon to aid the Costa Mesa Sanitary District (CMSD) of Southern California in an investigation into possible causes of an unknown material b...

British Robot Tours Cambridge Sewers

OnSite, a Nottinghamshire, England firm, uses a high powered robot with a closed-circuit television camera and a miniature sonar unit to inspect the whole pipe, even below the sewage.

Going Under Cover

The City of Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation worked together to unite two sewer lines using a direct-jacked, uncased vitrified clay pipeline.

A City's Renaissance

Riverside, California, recently solved a challenging design problem by combining a traditional material with new installation techniques.

End of April Means it's 'Clay' Time

Gladding, McBean involved in Art Exhibit in Lincoln, CA.

Vitrified Clay Resurgence

There are several reasons for this resurgence, but the primary reason is that municipalities and engineers are confirming the long life and low maintenance of VCP. As they have more experience with c...

The Return of Vitrified Clay Pipe

A new generation of engineers is learning why their predecessors specified more than 5 billion feet for the nation's sewers.

Vitrified Clay Pipe in the Trenchless Industry

VCP has become the material of choice for some trenchless installation methods for many reasons, but the most commonly sited are a robust compressive strength, superior abrasion resistance and the lon...

Past as Prologue

In Portland, Oregon, the past reveals the best way forward. After using a variety of other pipe materials, the City Of Portland has returned to vitrified clay pipe.

Not Your Great Grandfather's Clay Pipe

Comparison of Old Clay Pipe versus New Clay Pipe.

Pilot Tube Microtunneling in the City of Omaha, Neb.

Pilot Tube Microtunneling (PTMT) is exceeding expectations for the City of Omaha. Some of the challenges have included weak soil conditions, strict grade tolerances, dense buried utility lines and th...

Riverside Pipe Bursting Case Study

The City of Riverside, California uses pipe bursting and VCP to enlarge an existing line in a densely populated area of the central city. The line was returned to full service at the end of each day.

A Short Course in Pilot Tube Microtunneling

PTMT is generally used for new installation of small diameter gravity flow pipelines. These machines can operate out of a minimal diameter shaft and provide pinpoint accuracy through the use of a LED ...

Utah's First Pilot Tube Microtunneling Project

Nix Construction had several reasons for selecting PTMT for this job: depth of alignment, a small footprint, tight tolerances and challenging soil conditions above a soft clay at design depth all mad...

Vitrified Clay Pipe Specified for Sacramento Microtunneling Project

Sacramento County's Upper Northwest Interceptor 9 (UNWI 9) project featured extreme depths, tight timelines and high groundwater issues. The design solution included open-cut installation using Contr...

Pipe Bursting with VCP

The City of Riverside, California uses pipe bursting and VCP to enlarge an existing line in a densely populated area of the central city. The line was returned to full service at the end of each day....

Clay Pipe and the Triple Bottom Line

Vitrified clay pipe meets the needs of today — fiscally, socially and environmentally. It is the original sustainable infrastructure product.

First Pilot Boring Project Completed in Washington State, US

Trenchless Construction Services L.L.C has completed a $US3.5 million sanitary sewer improvement project, making it the first auger boring project to be completed in Washington state, US.

Pilot Tube Microtunneling Delivers Pinpoint Accuracy in Kaneohe, Oahu

Mature mango trees, groundwater at 4 feet, modest amounts of soil and sandy, soft ground conditions are all addressed in this pilot tube microtunneling (PTMT) project in a mature neighborhood in Hawai...

A Trenchless First in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix, Arizona recently undertook a large-scale sanitary sewer static pipe bursting program utilizing VCP jacking pipe.

St. Louis Turns to Pilot Tube Microtunneling

After an experience with directional drilling that was less than satisfactory, the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) was hesitant to consider another trenchless approach for installation of ...

Intimidating Rock Bores

In Atlanta, four bores through granite beat the odds.

Microtunneling Plays Key Role in Atlanta Construction

As Clean Water Atlanta pursues its $3.9 billion overhaul of the city’s water and sewer infrastructure, microtunneling with VCP plays a key role.

Reading the Breaks

Guided boring leaves a putting green at an upscale residence undisturbed One of the advantages of using a trenchless alternative is keeping surface disruption and social costs to a minimum.

Implementing Asset Management - The Experience of Two Agencies

The American private sector has long been aware of the concept of Asset Management. The manufacturing sector of the American economy has long been developing systematic, proactive maintenance and ope...

Pilot Tube Microtunneling Catching On

First introduced to the U.S. in 1995, this guided boring process has grown to include pipe sizes of up to 27-inches I.D. and drive lengths of more than 400 feet. This article includes a brief explana...

Tomball, TX Project Illustrates Progress of Pilot Tube Microtunneling

The Tomball project provides a snapshot of how and why PTMT is growing throughout the U.S.

Maximizing Asset Value The Paradigm Shift In Today's Wastewater Industry

We have all purchased something new that we thought was a good value. We were assured that it would work just like the more expensive model. Over time, we found that our purchase failed to meet our ...

Trenchless Solution for Middletown Sewer

A section of sewer line needed to be installed down 24-feet in sandy soil on a narrow strip of land directly behind a row of homes, close to other property lines. “It couldn’t have been done any othe...

Pilot Tube Boring

Rognes Construction employs pilot tube boring on a deep, difficult sewer project in Carroll, Iowa that included silty soil, tough clay and ground water from 5- to 10-feet above the crown of the pipe. ...

New Breed of Microtunneling Keeps Holiday Shoppers Happy

Minimizing impact and maintaining traffic flow is critical near the Mall of America.

ASTM and the National Clay Pipe Institute

Historical article detailing the development of the clay pipe industry in America and the standards associated with clay products.

Replacing An Old Pipe with 'New' Clay

Article discusses the Springfield, IL pipe bursting job done by Tenbusch using clay pipe. Discusses clay pipes benefits for this type of construction.

Teamwork Key to Virginia Sewer Project

Discusses Alexandria, Virginia microtunneling project that was 2003 project of the year in Trenchless Technology Magazine.

Discovering Why Pipes Fail

Discussion of failure more analysis and its importance. Examples are primarily plastic pipe products. Good failure pictures in article.

Replacement of Sewer Line a Piece of Cake

The residents of Omaha, Nebraska’s Fairacres Area knew their failing sewer line needed replacement, they dreaded the upheaval the process would exact from them. But they were pleasantly surprised to ...

Pilot Tube Advances Save City Disruption and Dollars

Cape Girardeau is the home of Southeast Missouri State University and has a population of about 40,000. When combined sewer overflows (CSOs) threatened the local watershed, the city and its project t...

An American Public Works Financing Strategy

Part 6 of a series done by Dr. Paul Choate for constructor magazine, discusses methods for funding the work that needs to be done in the infrastructure.

A Dream Job

The City of Glendale, California selected VCP for a challenging job site adjacent to DreamWorks Studios. This job incorporated both pilot tube microtunneling (PTMT) and open-cut installation.

Pilot Tube Microtunneling Innovation

Pilot tube microtunneling took yet another innovative direction when it was used below the floor inside the building of a major bottling plant, in Newport News, Va.