Topical Information

2015 Survey Results

2015 Survey Results

Abrasion Resistance

A discussion of the physical properties of clay which make it the most abrasion resistant material for sanitary sewer construction.


Several documents which give an overview of the many benefits of Vitrified Clay Pipe.

Asset Management

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) currently uses predictive failure curves to aid in calculating the risk cost of its sewer pipes. These curves estimate the likelihood of a point failure occurring for a ...

Case Histories

Job summaries from magazine articles, sewer sense and other sources.

Compression Joints

A discussion of the factory applied compression joints in use since 1970 in the clay pipe industry.

Corrosion Resistance

Articles describing the ability of Vitrified Clay Pipe as a ceramic to resist corrosion and chemical attack.

Energy Efficiency

Articles that discuss the energy consumption and requirements for the manufacture of Vitrified Clay Pipe.

Environmentally Preferable

Discussion of why Vitrified Clay Pipe is the most environmentally friendly product on the market today.


Articles describing the use of American made VCP in foreign markets.

Industrial Applications

Articles discussing chemical resistance of VCP and applications involving industrial settings.

Infiltration and Inflow

A Collection of documents and articles discussing the history of the infiltration/inflow debate. There are also standard test methods and a discussion of joint performance.

Landfill Drainage

Articles relating to clay pipe and its use as a drainage product.

Life Cycle Analysis

A collection of several articles describing the longevity and durability of Vitrified Clay Pipe for gravity systems and how to use this to calculate the long term economic benefits of using clay pipe....

Microtunneling/Trenchless Technology Using VCP

Articles related to the use of Vitrified Clay Pipe for Trenchless Applications.

Pilot Tube Microtunneling

A guided boring method for installing small diameter VCP using a trenchless method. This guided system is accurate to within 1/4 inch on line and grade.

Rigid Structure

A discussion of the primary differences and characteristics of rigid products.

Sewer Pipe Comparison

Reviewing the performance of clay vs. other materials.

SMaRT Package

A complete package of Sustainable Material.

Tapping VCP

Articles on methods and means to make proper connections to clay pipe.